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 Purple Haze's Application

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Purple Haze
Global Moderator

Global Moderator
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PostSubject: Purple Haze's Application   Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:35 pm

-Minimum of 50 posts of non-spam and on-topic.
-Must have a good reputation, I will pay attention to the comments.
-Must be helpful and understand with a range of problematic thinking being able to solve logical dilemmas.
-The application must be as formal as possible and with great grammar.
-Must include name and location as well as time zone. (example; Carlos Nuno - Portugal - GMT+/- 0)

>Not following these rules will cause your chance to decrease and your app will be removed instantly.

You can apply for:
- Forums Moderator
- Gfx Moderator
- Global Moderator

If you feel you qualify please create a thread in this section.



In-game name :Purple Haze

In real life name: Dylan

Age:16 turning 17 may 24th

Position applying for :Global Mod(Trial Mod)

Why you want this job:I have been here since the server has started. I would love to be part of the staff team of this amazing server.

What experience do you have: I was an Admin for a server on Raidcall(Voice chat program) for all english speaking people. So i have some experience dealing with people, as for RSPS i have not had any experience.

What you will do to help this server:I will fight against bug abuse, Excessive trolling, scamming, spamming, Anything unjust pretty much.(WITH PROOF)

What is your time zone:Central standard

Why do you deserve this rank more then Bob and Joe: I will work my hardest, i will be on everyday for atleast 4 hours, I will report anything i do not know how to handle to my higher ups, I will help anyone that asks me for help regardless if I do not like them.

(If applying for Gfx Mod Please post some of your best work here)
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PostSubject: Re: Purple Haze's Application   Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:58 pm

Purple Haze has been given Trial Moderator
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Purple Haze's Application
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